Our Story

What is the q2Advantage?  Our name draws from a time management concept dividing our tasks into four quadrants:  Those items that are Urgent and Important, items Not Urgent but Important, items Urgent but Not Important, and finally items Not Urgent and Not Important.  The average small business owner deals with time constraints every day.  Responding to customer needs either in person, phone calls, emails, etc. are probably the most valuable hours a business owner spends. Most of the time we don’t know when those opportunities will arise.  These are definitely the tasks we call Important.  And usually Urgent.

Then we have to deal with the time we need to open the mail, train and support employees, bill and collect for services performed, pay vendors, file tax forms, to name a few. These are also Important but not necessarily Urgent. Until you get beyond a deadline. Or forget to do payroll.

Then we have tasks Not Important, but Urgent. A salesperson coming to your office unannounced. Some phone calls, some emails. We can’t schedule these, but they happen.

Last are tasks we label Not Important Not Urgent such as unproductive time.

We realize that most small business owners are somewhat intimidated by bookkeeping or payroll or best and most efficient practices to keep track of taxable income.

If a small business owner spends the time to initially set up good, user friendly accounting software (Important but Not Urgent), set up routines to help keep track of billing and payables, the other time constraints are easier to deal with.

We can help you do that.  That’s the q2Adantage.